i am jack's complete lack of surprise
The name's Claire, though hey you works just as well. I'm twenty-one years old, I'm a soldier, a truck driver, a huge nerd, a writer, a student, and more than a little crazy. Enjoy the blog. :)
  • Alcohol - A drunk mix for Herc and Stacker - Time Release the Fresh

    Hive Mind - A photo set and explanation re: Borg/Kaiju - Resistance is Futile

    The Breach - A really stupid video of my hands recreating Gipsy vs. Slattern - Move Bitch

    Scars - A fic about Hermann not asking about Newt’s self harm - Hermann Didn’t Ask

    Jaeger Legends - Dr. Newtonia Geiszler gets her Jaeger groupie swag on. And vlogs about it.

    Pre-Canon - Fifth grade Newt Geiszler cosplay: 1 2 3 4

    Dog Tags - GIFs and short fic about K Day and loss - If Only

    Black Market - Kaiju bits in jars!

    Boneslum - Brothel AU fic. That is all. Boneslum Boys

    Civilians - A fic in which Hannibal has problems getting out of the kaiju - The Balisong Never Ends

    Ocean - A short fic about kaiju feelings - Peace

    Injury - Becket Brothers photoset and text that gives me feelings - Don’t Be Afraid

    Neural Bridge/Free Space - A short rap by Dr. N. Geiszler - Swag Swag Like Kaiju

    Connection - Painting of Raleigh and Mako - Drift Compatible

    Rangers - A fic about the feelings of forgotten Rangers on Jaeger Rangers - Rangers Lead the Way

    Home - A set of photo sets that got way out of hand. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    Tattoos - A fic in which Hermann has a tattoo - X Cubed

    Dreams - A fic in which Hermann Gottlieb always wanted to be a pilot - Flying Dreams

    K-Science - A PSA about bone powder identification (for the love of God, click the pictures) - Kaiju Bone Powder

    Mess Hall - The first and only presentation by Dr. Geiszler on kaiju - The Song of the Kaiju

    Goodbye - A fic in which Mako drifts with Yancy’s echo - Echo

    The Drift - A fic in which Raleigh and Mako experience Drift withdrawal - Withdrawal

    Coffee - GIFs and short fic about Caitlin Lightcap on K Day - K Day

    OC - Tendo Choi’s Goddamn Cat

    Aftermath - A fic about Raleigh’s feelings about Jaegers - Here, Or In A Jaeger

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